How To Overcome Caravan Breakdowns?

Caravans are vehicles equipped for living in, typically towed by a car. The trailer is often a mobile home that comes completely furnished with all essential household items. The caravan has a bed, sometimes a separate bedroom (depending on the size of the trailer), a tiny kitchen or cooking station, and in some cases a small bathroom. Check out our Caravan Assistance service and plans.

Caravan Roadside Assistance

Caravanning is a versatile way to vacation since you can go wherever you want, anytime you want, and have many of your home comforts, with a new view every day! You might be someone who loves the freedom of exploring new places from the city to the country and enjoys spending a considerable amount of time adventuring making the best use of a caravan.  

However, have you ever wondered what would happen if you became stranded in the middle of your trip if your caravan broke down? What if there’s no help around you? That’s where Roadside Assistance becomes an essential part of your caravanning journey! 

What is RSA? 

Roadside assistance, often known as breakdown cover, is a service that assists you in getting back on the road if your vehicle breaks down.  

How helpful plans do 24/7 Roadservices have? 

When you call for assistance, your service provider will attempt to resolve your issue over the phone. For instance, they’ll assign a roadside technician or a truck to transport your vehicle to the closest motor repair (within service limits) if they can’t. 

Additionally – Jumpstarts, caravan battery changes, breakdown tows, wheel changes, essential fuel, furthermore for critical recovery are typical roadside assistance services.

24/7 Roadservices Australia 

Since 2000, 24/7 Roadservices Australia has provided roadside assistance to thousands of motorists across Australia. Headquartered in New South Wales, Australia, with a vast network base, it can reach out to consumers in need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Nationwide, with competitive membership plans starting from $69 per year for a membership. 

24/7 roadside assistance coverage can assist you in times of need, for your roadside assistance requirements.  

The benefits of professional roadside assistance from 24/7 RSA: 

  • Covers Nationwide – The Best Roadside Assistance for caravans, 24/7. 
  • If your vehicle breaks down, then we get you back on the road.
  • Help and advice from experienced technicians. 

Plans Offered by 24/7 Roadservices Australia 

Modern caravans are highly dependable, despite breakdowns that can occur on both the caravan and tow vehicle. Additionally, roadside assistance is worth the small cost for the piece of mind it will bring to your travels.

Consequently, imagine that you and your family are on vacation. In case your car or caravan got breaks down and roadside assistance couldn’t help and needs backup. You will be transported along with your vehicle to your nearby location or a repairer. Roadside assistance is essential in tough times like this. Hence, we cover you with 24/7 Roadservices Australia’s range of plans for cars and caravans.

Caravan Towing

With the objective to give the most reasonable solutions for the situation to assist you in relocating your vehicle to the most convenient, safe, and practical repair location, within your plan’s limits, 24/7 Roadservices Australia provides caravan roadside assistance with the most relevant benefits based on your Membership level to avoid disruption and preserve you and your family’s or your passengers’ safety. 

To make it simple for you, here are the plans that could help you make your caravan assist trip totally safer: 

Plans at a glance:











Weight Limit  GVM 3.5 Tonne  GVM 3.5 Tonne  GVM 5 Tonne  GVM 8 Tonne  GVM 8 Tonne 
Length Limit  Up to 5.5m  Up to 5.5m  Up to 6.5m  Up to 9m  Up to 9m 
Height Limit  2.6m  2.6m  3m  3.3m  3.3m 
Width Limit  2.5m  2.5m  2.5m  2.5m  2.5m 
Covers  Caravan  Caravan  Caravan  Car + Caravan  Car + Caravan 
Service Calls Per Annum 4 Calls  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited 
Towing – Metropolitan  20 kms  50 kms  50 kms  50 kms  50 kms 
Towing – Country  50 kms  100 kms  100 kms  100 kms  100 kms 
Battery Assistance  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Flat Tyre  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Emergency Fuel  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Lockout Assistance  No  Limit $70  Limit $100  Limit $100  Limit $100 
Taxi Cover  No  No  2 x $50 p/a  2 x $50 p/a  2 x $50 p/a 
Ambulance Cover  No  Limit $400  Limit $400  Limit $400  Limit $4002 
Car Hire  No  Limit $700  Limit $700  Limit $700  Limit $7002 
Accommodation – Breakdown  No  Limit $700  Limit $700  Limit $700  Limit $7002 
Accommodation – Accident  No  Limit $300  Limit $300  Limit $300  Limit $3002 
Commencement Period  48 Hours  48 Hours  48 Hours  48 Hours  Imm. Start 


Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, 24/7 Roadservices Australia believes every caravan owner should have a breakdown cover and towing a caravan for peace of mind on their travelling adventures. To summarise, any breakdown is unpleasant. However, we are available 24/7 to assist you in getting back on the road.

Providing Nationwide, 24/7 cover, 24/7 Roadservices Australia, has you covered from as little as $69 per vehicle per year. In conclusion, exceptional customer service, efficient turnaround times, and support when you need it most! 24/7 Roadservices Australia will have you on the road to your next adventure in no time.



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